Available in Navy Only

Twist® Pillow

Adjustable Neck Pillow

twist screenshot

Bend It! Shape It! Twist It! The Twist Pillow holds ANY position for the ultimate in comfort and support. Contour's Twist Pillow is perfect for supporting the neck and head – perfect for travel or lounging. It's also perfect for leg or lumbar support.

The neck is made up of fragile joints, ligaments and muscles - it's the most vulnerable part of the spine. The Contour Twist Pillow was designed to be positioned exactly the way users want for perfect neck saving relief!  

  • Articulating linkage inside allows this unique pillow to bend into any shape and stay put.
  • Perfect neck and head support while traveling or at home (great for children too).
  • Shape it in any position to for the ultimate comfort while reading, watching TV, or sleeping.
  • Place it in the chair for additional lumbar support.
  • Use it as a leg pillow during the night.
  • Bend it to cradle babies in a snug, secure position.