10 In One Pillow

Flip Pillow™ Tower

Flip Pillow™ Tower
Flip Pillow™ Tower

Perfect for impulse shoppers!


√ Easy to Merchandise

√ Versatile: Either put the Flip box or Flip pillow on top

√ Easy to assemble tower; grab-and-go then restock!

Flip tower

Fun Eye-Catching Display!

Stack all ten Flip Pillow Boxes to form an eye-catching tower – top it off with a Flip Pillow that's out of the box so your customers can enjoy a  hands-on display. 

Flip for the Holidays

Flip for the Holidays!

Give the gift of comfort. The FLIP PILLOW™ is a pillow like no other as it benefits every age group. Its 10-in-1 design offers the comfort of a pillow and the support of a wedge! Convenience is key. Why have a wedge, a leg roll, lumbar cushion and a standard pillow take up space in your home when you could have just one FLIP PILLOW™?

Flip Tower Package Includes

Flip Tower Package Includes:

10 FLIP Pillows - featuring brand new, eye-catching packaging!