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Freedom Seat

Freedom Seat

Freedom Seat

Freedom Seat

Freedom Seat

Freedom Seat

Freedom Seat

Freedom Seat
Freedom SeatTM

Do you sit all day long? Is driving painful? Does your lower back ache? Improve leg, hip and back comfort while seated with this feature rich cushion. The Freedom Seat™ by Contour Products is made of highly resilient materials to provide superior cushion and support over any other seat cushion on the market today!

Our Freedom Seat™ has a sculpted shape designed to fit the body’s natural curves and the acoccyx cutout reduces tailbone pressure during prolonged sitting, The wedge angle encourages proper posture and tapers down to a perfect height to encourge proper circulation for your legs and hips. The perfect seat wedge for any one sumffering from sciatic nerve pain in your hips and legs, tail bone and lower back pain.

Features and Benefits:

• Helps reduce pressure from prolonged seating
• Coccyx relief cutout helps reduce pressure build-up on tailbone area
• Wedge shape helps restore lumbar curve
• Contoured surface comfortably fits the natural form of your thighs
• Surface dimples enhance softness and air ventilation
• Angled design encourages proper sitting posture
• Overall Dimensions: 17″ x 14″ x 2.25″

10 Ways to Comfort!

All features work together to position your low back for pressure relieving comfort.

Often used to comfort: herniated disk, bulging disk, low back pain, sciatica, tailbone inury and support during pregnancy!

Great for use with :

√ Wheel Chairs

√ Office Chairs

√ Car Seats

√ Airline Seats

Package Dimensions Item
18" x 2.5" x 14" 30-002R-1-942

Stack, Stand or Hang:

The Contour Freedom Seat ™ retail packaging is designed to be flexible to meet all your marketing needs. The retail box can be displayed on your shelf in a vertical or horizontal position.

Our packaging is eye catching and informative allowing potential customers to make a buying decision quickly and easily.