2-in1 Therapeutic Lumbar Support

Warm/Cool Lumbar Support

Warm/Cool Lumbar Support

Warm/Cool Lumbar Support

Warm/Cool Lumbar Support

Warm/Cool Lumbar Support


Warm/Cool Lumbar Support

Warm/Cool Lumbar Support

Does your lower back ache when sitting for a long period? Do you suffer from muscle strain or pulls? Our Warm/Cool Lumbar Support conforms to the natural curves of your back providing necessary support for proper spinal alignment and low back relief.

Our 2-in-1, orthopedically designed, Lumbar Support Cushion will bring soothing warmth and cooling relief to your sore and aching back! For targeted relief, the built-in extra large sleeve securly holds the FREE removable Gel Pack ($10.00 value) in place. A safe, natural, warm/cool therapeutic relief to comfort your aching back.

Features and Benefits

Features and Benefits:

• 2-IN-1 maximum therapy warm/cold pain relief, plus vital lumbar support.
• Orthopedic design soothes and supports your lower back, while improving posture.
• Dense contoured foam insert provides gentle support with cushioned comfort.
• Built-in extra large 9” x 5” sleeve holds therapeutic gel pack.
• One FREE therapeutic gel pack included with cushion.
• Gel pack can be microwaved for warm relief, or frozen for cool relief.
• Easy to use, no straps or clips, just place against chair back.
• For use with any chair at home or in the office. Even use in auto.
• Dimensions: 14” w x 13” H x 5” D



Most people, when sitting for a long period, tend to slouch forward. Slouching posture pushes the lower back out causing the natural inward curve to go in the opposite direction - outward toward the chair - straining the structures in the lower back.

√ Cold Pack Helps Reduce Inflamation & Swelling

A great way to cool a sore or inflamed area of your back is by using an ice gel pack for soothing relief. The cold causes the veins to slim and ultimately flex the muscles which reduces the inflammation causing the pain. Cold packs should be used at least three times a day for 10-15 minutes a time to reduce inflammation, swelling, and pain. Cooling therapy can also be used in conjunction with heat therapy for the best possible relaxation of lower back muscles and joints. Cold packs can help bring relief to lower back pain, swelling, and inflammation from injuries and other conditions such as arthritis.

√ Moist Heat Provides Better Muscle Penetration

When heat is applied, it opens up the veins and allows more blood and oxygen to flow through. The wide flow of oxygen helps to soothe the pain. Moist heat provides better muscle penetration and can be more effective than dry heat which draws moisture from the body leaving the skin dehydrated. The typical recommendation for heat therapy is 15 – 20 minutes at a time.

Switching between the two can also help to speed up the healing process. Ice and heat help the injured areas to relax and promote proper blood flow. Both the ice and heat when used together can drastically slim down or even diminish any pain. Most doctors recommend that you begin by using ice to shock the muscles and veins, and then use the heat to soothe them. Remember to always consult a qualified practitioner for medical advice.

Color Part# UPC# Package Dimensions Case Pack
30-035R 737709004700 16.5" x 14.8" x 14.8" 6
30-035RB 737709004847 16.5" x 14.8" x 14.8" 6

Stack, Stand or Hang:

The product comes in an eye-catching retail sleeve with a hang top option. The customer is able to see the color selection as well as squeeze the cushion to experience the comfort it can provide!

Our packaging is eye catching and informative allowing potential customers to make a buying decision quickly and easily.