The Side Sleeping Solution for All Night Comfort & Support!









Side sleeping is the most common sleeping position, but it can often lead to shoulder and pain and discomfort the next morning.

The L-Pillow's unique shape perfectly maintains the optimum side sleeping position. Arms wrap around one side of the pillow while resting the head comfortably on the other to keep the neck, shoulders and upper body naturally aligned. Lightweight and the perfect shape and size for moving with users throughout the night. A better alternative to a heavy, large, bulky body pillow!

Features and Benefits

Features and Benefits:

• Unique "L" Shape - optimizes sleeping comfort in multiple positions

• Premium polyester filling ensures long lasting comfort and durability.

• Super soft, striped damask cover.

• Premium Fabric - plush microfiber feel.

• Quality Construction for long lasting durability

• "Contour Blue" custom piping

• 40 Inches in total length.

• Pillow Dimensions: 12.6" x 25.5" x 7"

The Side Sleeping Comfort Solution

The Side Sleeping Comfort Solution

Our L-Pillow can be used in a variety of positons and is an ideal solution for back and neck relief. Also, it is a perfect solution to help provide additional support for pregnant and nursing mothers.

Multiple Uses

Hug the pillow to help support your neck and shoulders
Rest against the pillow to support your back, spine and neck
Position the pillow between your legs to support your knees, hips and back
Position one section behind your back to maintain side sleepig posture and reduce snoring
Use two pillows for ultimate comfort for your entire body


The L-Pillow has custom cases available designed to fit the Contour L-Pillow's unique shape.

√ Available in three classic colors: White, Beige and Navy

√ Protects the L-Pillow and keeps it clean

√ Luxuriously soft and durable

√ Machine wash cold. Tumble dry low or line dry

√ 100% cotton, 300 thread count

Color Product Foam Part# UPC# Package Dimensions Case Pack Item
Fiberfill 30-801R 737709004113 50" x 13" x 6" 4 Pillow Only
-- 1-636-100R 737709004410 9" x 7" x 0.875" 4 Pillow Case
-- 1-636BG-100R 7377090044984 9" x 7" x 0.875" 4 Pillow Case
-- 1-636NV-100R 7377090044991 9" x 7" x 0.875" 4 Pillow Case

Stack, Stand or Hang

The Contour L- Pillow Pillow retail packaging is designed to be flexible in shelving for all your marketing needs. The pillow comes in a clear package with a hang top option. The customer is able to see the color selection as well as squeeze the pillow to experience the comfort it can provide!