Leg Pillow

Supports and Aligns the Lower Body

Legacy Leg Pillow Video

Do your customers wake up stiff, sore and with lower back pain? A leg pillow helps provide support and comfort for the lower body during the night.

Studies show that using a pillow between the knees when people sleep on their side will help reduce stress on the hips and lower back. Restore natural alignment and reduce pressure on the hips, knees and joints with the Contour Leg Pillow! This small pillow will make a big difference in how a customer’s lower back, hips & knees feel.

  • Exclusive patented design. Millions sold. Accept no imitation.
  • Patented shape conforms to the exact shape of the leg for a natural comfortable fit.
  • Restores alignment of back and hips.
  • Perfect for side sleepers.
  • Available in original, memory foam, and cool foam. Or upgrade to our new LegacyTM Leg Pillow.