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Contour 2-in-1 Back & Leg Relief Wedges 

A Full Line of Premium Inflatable Wedges 

2in1Leg Relief Video Image2-1Millions spent on media.
Don't miss out on your share of the profits!

Finally a solution to messy, bulky foam wedges cluttering up your valuable shelf space. Our new, Contour 2-in-1 Back & Leg Relief Wedges are inflatable - these best-selling products are packaged in eye-catching, condensed boxes that stack or stand neatly on your shelf.

If your customers are looking for an inclined sleep system - this is their answer. These inflatable wedges are a premium, reinforced product with a gradual incline to support and promote a comfortable night's sleep.

  • Carry the Full Line of Bed Wedges (3 sizes available) and Leg Wedge
  • Lightweight, Portable Design is Perfect for Travel!
  • Adjustable Firmness for Soft or Firm Support
  • Non-Skid Flocked Design Ensures Proper Position All Night Long
  • Quick Inflate/Deflate Within Seconds
  • Air Pump Included